Nature is
worth protecting.
for everyone.
Hey y'all, I'm Meredith

HI! I'm Meredith, a Landscape photographer +Outdoor educator

I will teach you the professional secrets that will transform your landscape photography from good to gallery-worthy.

I created this site for conscious creatives who are passionate about exploring the natural world.
this site is for you if
- you care deeply about protecting the natural world
- you love exploring new places and learning new outdoor skills
-you can't get enough nature
- you love capturing the beauty of nature with your camera

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In this ebook You will learn:
  • how to minimize the amount of gear you carry without compromising image quality or your creative freedom
  • how to lighten the weight of your camera gear bag
  • mistakes that most people make when choosing photo equipment and how to avoid them
  • the exact gear I use to create gallery quality photographs
  • a checklist to use when packing camera gear for hiking trips
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