Licensing Agreement


All assets published on, including, but not limited to, photography, written content, and visual media are property of Meredith Fontana unless otherwise stated.

The use of an any asset published on for commercial purposes requires a commercial use license. A commercial use license for my work start at $300, and is only allowed if expressly granted by Meredith Fontana.

The term "used for commercial purposes" means any use that:
- involves an exchange of money or financial consideration
- promotes a business, product or service, or
- is used directly or indirectly for financial gain
- any other consideration that leads to financial benefit

Examples of commercial use include:
- any print or digital publication (e.g magazine, blog, television, newsletters, etc.)
- any print or digital advertisement (e.g. social media post, billboard, facebook ad).
- a physical or digital products (e.g. books, e-books)


You may use and share an asset on (photos, diagrams, written content, etc.) for free, without a commercial use license, ONLY if the asset is solely used for personal purposes.

A personal use license is only valid under the following conditions:
1. You MUST attribute the asset properly. A proper attribution includes crediting my name, Meredith Fontana, directly below the asset or near the asset where it is visible AND providing a link to directly below the asset or near the asset where it is visible.
2. You do not alter or change the asset in any way, shape, or form.

Example of personal use include:
- a teacher using an asset (photo or diagram) for a powerpoint presentation
- a screen saver or computer wallpaper
- a personal blog where you receive absolutely no financial compensation
- a school research paper or project

If you are at all in doubt about licensing, or need a commercial use license, please contact me. I'm more than happy to answer any questions about licensing!